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No Pain...No Gain

Nice Poetry but unfortunately it seems to lead to trouble. It's important to know the difference between effort and pain. So if you're lifting weights or running or playing golf and you are feeling the effort and maybe can feel the muscle fatigue next day; this is stimulating the tired muscles to get stronger and increase your endurance.

However if you are experiencing real pain then you need to stop because pain is a sign that there is tissue damage occurring. A muscle or a tendon or a bone is breaking down under forces that it is not used to to. It takes time to strengthen tissues in the body.

So exercising through the pain just causes more damage which will lead to more time lost from your sport and more pain. So stop immediately and rest the tissues.. Don't run, play golf or lift weights with that limb until the pain goes away fully. Then begin again at a much lower level of effort and slowly build up again.

And remember; Running through the pain is like driving through a flat tyre.

3 ways to reduce back pain

It would be lovely if you could go to a therapist, lie down and 'get your spine clicked back into place' but in truth, that doesn't happen. Sure, manipulation can make you feel better for a short while, but in the long term it doesnt help at all.

So what does?

Well, the first thing to know is that most back pain, generally speaking, is our own fault. We allow our backs to get weak, stiff and perhaps most importantly, we misuse our spines; we sit badly, bend badly and lift badly. The joints and ligaments and muscles of our spines suffer stress for years upon end until they finally have had enough and send notice of their unhappiness in the form of pain.

But we can undo much of this! Strengthening the back, particularly improving endurance will help. Exercises to improve our range of motion and therefore our joint health will help. Finally, changing the patterns of movement so that our backs don't suffer constant strain through poor sitting and standing postures, dangerous lifting patterns and postures will complete the picture of a healthy and happy spine.

The great thing about this approach is that if you are prepared to put in the hard work, you can achieve a healthy, painfree spine on a long term basis.

  • How long do you have to keep fit and flexible?
  • How long must you bend and lift and sit properly?
  • How long do you want to be painfree?

If you are interested in working towards a healthy spine, we can help you get BACK IN ACTION!

===Get in touch now!===

Virtual appointments

COVID has posed challenges for us all, but we have adapted successfully.

In line with our professional body, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we are available by telephone/ virtually via Zoom or WhatsApp for initial consultation. We can then decide if you need to attend in person ( face to face) to help you with your problem.

Why come to see us?

Our experienced physiotherapists will help to identify the cause of your problem, they will educate you about this and make a plan to create real change while guiding you through your rehabilitation. As your pain subsides, your flexibility and strength improve, you will then be given the tools to help you stay painfree, strong and in control whilst doing the things you love.

Our goal is to help you get Back in Action and loving your active life.
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