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Back Care

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Are you in pain? Are you finding it hard to

  • complete a round of golf
  • get off the sofa at the end of the evening?
  • trust your back to do a little gardening
  • or even take a walk

Do you find it difficult to roll over in bed and indeed then actually get out of bed in the mornings because of stiffness in the back. Is putting your socks and shoes on becoming a challenge?

Does it feel as though your world is getting smaller, and you're slowly losing the things that made life great?

The good news is that most back pain is self inflicted. The way we use and maintain our spines has an enormous effect on pain and stiffness. We can change it together

At Eccles Physio we specialise in Spine care. We have diverse experience from working in clinics in the UK and in the US.

Got back.png Careful diagnosis is the key followed by a specific plan of action to deal with the problem.

We will then coach you through a personalised programme to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance all using correct posture. A home maintenance programme specifically for you will be developed and taught to prevent re-occurence.

If you are prepared to work hard to regain a strong, pain free back which will not let you down, then get in touch now!

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